Mud Bugs

The time has come, ladies and gentlemen. Crawfish season is among us and it is time to do work.

Beer, potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and crawfish. What more do you need from a meal served in a bowl? NOTHING. We are partaking in this joyous event with one of our couples. I love both of the couple friends we have, but this set drinks. Normally, I would say that obviously makes them the favored. However, it says something that a non-drinking couple can bring just as much entertainment to our lives. Tough call.

Happy Friday, folks!


Side note: I found this really good article earlier. AJ, I think you might like it. I would send it to you, but I just tagged you in a Texas one last night. I don’t want to overload you with info. Read this in a few weeks when you stalk me.


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